• Neave’s “special” new bed

    Posted on May 10, 2013 by jan_evans in Uncategorized.

    Neave's first night in her special bed

    Neave’s first night in her special bed

    It’s been a busy week for Neave as her new “special” bed was delivered yesterday. Due to it’s size Neave has had to move bedroom’s so we’ll be getting her pictures and decorations back up over the coming days to make it nice and homely for her.

    It’s a big change from her cot with the sleep system to keep Neave in position and is a full size hospital bed. This gives the added benefit of being able to raise and lower the bed as required which will be better for Mummy and Daddy’s back as Neave grows bigger and still requires to be carried everywhere.

    The major benefit for Neave is that the bed can be electronically raised to allow Neave to sleep at an angle which, when she has been in hospital overnight, has helped her sleep better.

    Needless to say this didn’t happen in her first night and she was still awake and up at 2am and it will take some time for Neave to get used to her new surroundings and the new bed which she can grow into. It looks way to big for her now and will not require to be changed as she gets bigger.

    Neave in her special bed

    Neave in her special bed

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  1. Vioolet Phillips says:

    Hope you get to like your new bed Neave looks comfy God bless