Zoe’s Place

Zoe's Place Baby HospiceProviding the 24 hour care required for a disabled child like Neave is exhausting and relentless.

Neave in Zoe's Place Hydropool

Neave in Zoe’s Place Hydropool

As well as the specialist care and attention Neave requires during the day, she does not sleep for more than a few hours a night which takes it’s toll on her parents over time.

Zoe’s Place in Liverpool have been a Godsend.

Zoe’s Place is the only baby specific hospice in the UK providing specialist respite care, pallative care and end of life care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Neave goes “on holiday” there for two nights every month.

Super Chilled in the sensory room at Zoe's Place

Super Chilled in the sensory room at Zoe’s Place

This gives Neave’s parents an opportunity to recharge their batteries and continue to provide the care and attention Neave requires.

Zoe’s Place currently care for 50 babies and the hospice has a top of the range play area, light sensory room (which Neave loves) bedrooms, outside play area and a hydrotherapy pool which is amazing.  Neave wasn’t at all sure about the hydrotherapy pool at first and she loves it now.

Zoe’s Place’s annual running costs are £1,300,000 and the vast majority of this is raised by fundraising and public donations.

Neave in the Hydropool at Zoe's Place

Neave in the Hydropool at Zoe’s Place

Neave and her family would find it extremely difficult to cope without the ongoing halp and support from the wonderful Zoe’s Place family which is why it is so important for Neave’s Fund to support.

Thank you to all the Zoe’s Place family

Neave's first time in a P Pod at Zoe's Place

Neave’s first time in a P Pod at Zoe’s Place

We hope you all like the pictures showing Neave’s adventures at Zoe’s Place.

Neave Asleep at Zoe's Place

Neave Asleep at Zoe’s Place


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