• Four days to go for Skydive

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    There’s only four days to go now until Neave’s Dad’s Skydive on Saturday the

    Neave with her Daddy

    Neave with her Daddy

    8th of June.

    So far £2,267 of the £4,000 target has been raised, thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored us for either The Legacy Rainbow House or Zoe’s Place already.If you have not yet sponsored for either of these great charities that make an enormous difference to Neave’s life you can do so from the Just Giving website below or by clicking on the charity logo’s:



    Let us remind you why we are doing this.

    The Legacy Rainbow House specialise in care for brain injured and life limited children taking a holistic aproach to therapy to help Neave achieve her full potential.

    There is no cure for cerebral palsy, Neave will always be effected and the conductive therapy that Neave has at The Legacy Rainbow House is amazing.  Neave goes there every week and they work her so hard.  The progress she makes through their dedication and Neave’s hard work is remarkable.

    Recently Neave has shown an interest in walking.  She cannot support herself in any way but if held up replicates the foot movements she has learnt at The Legacy Rainbow House.

    Working together with these wonderful people we hope Neave will be able to achieve some form of independence and mobility in the future to give her a better quality of life.

    Click here to donate to The Legacy Rainbow House

    Click here to donate to The Legacy Rainbow House

    Zoe’s Place in Liverpool provide respite for life limited children and Neave goes “on holiday” there for two nights every month.

    Caring for a disabled child 24 hours a day 7 days a week is exhausting, especially when Neave only sleeps for a few hours at a time so Zoe’s Place give Neave’s parents the opportunity to recharge their batteries and be able to continue to care for Neave.

    Without the help form the Zoe’s Place family it would be difficult to keep providing Neave the constant care and attention she needs.

    Neave also loves it at Zoe’s Place taking full advantage of the sensory room and the hydrotherapy pool.

    Zoe's Place Baby Hospice

    Click here to donate to Zoe’s Place

    Both charities rely 100% on charitable donations to keep going so any help and donations you can give mean so much to Neave and her parents.

    Neave’s Fund are proud to be supporting both of these wonderful charities

    If you would like to come along and support us, Jan will be jumping between 11am and 4pm (all weather dependent) at The Black Knights Parachute Centre, Hillam Lane, Cockerham, Lancaster.  LA2 0DY

    A good selection of homemade food and drinks are available from the onsite cafe so you are welcome to bring your friends and family to watch Jan’s jump.

    Thank you

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